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Technical Gelatin / Hide glue

What is technical gelatin/hide glue?

Technical Gelatin is a protein derived from the hydrolysis of collagen which is a protein constituent of animal hides, collagen tissue. The raw materials used for the production are derived from animals found fit for human consumption.
After the liming process the product is neutralized. During extraction the temperature is 120 C or more during 4 to 5 hours. The extract is concentrated and dried. The product is packed in new bags and stored on a dry place before shipment.


Moisture Max 15 %
Jelly strength at 12.5%, 10 C. 50 - 450 Bloomgrams *
Viscosity 12.5%, 60 C. 80 – 240 mps *
pH 5.0 – 7.0
Ash content (600 C)  
Ash content (600 C)  
Fat content  
Dirt/insoluble Typical, low odour level
Odour Pearls
Fineness possibilities )* 20-40 mesh
  80 mesh
  120 mesh


Big bags 1000 kgs with PE Liner, or 25 kg paper bags on pallets shrink-wrapped

The applications of technical gelatin: our expertise

There is a wide range of technical applications for this glue made from bones, for specific questions please inform to get our technical background information. We also know everything about hot hide glue and liquid hide glue for various production processes. 

* We produce the product tailor made. Jelly strength in steps of 20 Bloomgrams, Viscosity in steps of 10 mps, Fineness in 4 grist sizes. Other parameters on request. Ask us all your questions about pearl glue

Additional information

Hide glue is produced from animal hides, almost any animal from cattle, rabbits, fishes and pork skin can be used as raw material.
The glue manufacturers follow basically this process:
•    wash to remove dirt
•    soak in lime water for 60-90 days
•    wash to remove hair and lime
•    neutralize with acid, drain, wash & drain
•    add water, heat to 110-120 deg. F for 2-4 hours (called an extraction)
•    drain off the dilute glue solution, evaporate, chill, dry, grind
•    repeat last 2 steps 3-4 times to extract all of the glue with the temperature being increased 10-155 deg. C each time.

Chemical composition of hide glue

Hide glue is a protein derived from hydrolyzed collagen, which is a principal protein constituent of animal hides. Collagen, hide glue and gelatin are very closely related with respect to protein and chemical composition. An approximate chemical composition is:
•    Carbon 51-52%
•    Hydrogen 6-7%
•    Oxygen 24-25%
•    Nitrogen 18-19%
•    Total 100 %
The molecular weight of hide glue varies from 20,000 - 250,000. The higher the gel strength, the higher the molecular weight.

Isinglass glue

Originally, sturgeon glue was made out of the bladder of the sturgeon. These fish were caught in the rivers flowing into the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea. Meanwhile, bladders of various other fish, mainly from India and Brazil, are also called sturgeon glue! 
In the places of origin, the bladder is taken out of the sturgeon, cut lengthwise and dipped into hot water. The outer muscle layer and blood is then removed and put up for drying.
The largest amount of native collagen show bladders from caviar fish, which qualitatively are the best. This quality is called Salianski sturgeon glue. Sturgeon glue has been used by Russian restaurators for consolidation and as glue for a long time. Sturgeon glue has a higher adhesion and lower viscosity than comparable animal products, such as gelatin or rabbit skin glue.

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