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What is ProteenB?

ProteenB is a specially processed, gelatin-based binder. It has a high protein content and typical inclusion levels in animal feed are very low. Like gelatin, the product is derived from the collagen tissue of pork and cattle. The raw material is derived from animals found fit for human consumption. The collagen gelatin used in the production of ProteenB originates in the bones of animals and is a by-product of the meat industry.

The applications of Protein B: our expertise

Protee nB is an ideal binder for general line feeds as well as high-fat and protein concentrated feeds such as: turkey, pig starter, pet food and broiler.
Refined and nutritious, Proteen B is one of the most powerful binders available and highly effective at low inclusion rates. Its fine powder characteristics mean our protein products disperse well into the mix for consistent pellet quality. Proteen B’s powerful binding means it works well in high fat pelleted kibbles or in the production of pet chews and treats.

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