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What is gelatin?

Gelatin or gelatine is a flavourless, colourless and translucent additive that can be used as a gelling agent in various manufacturing processes. Our gelatin is made from from collagen obtained from various animal by-products; bovine hide or pig hides, bones and muscles. The protein gelatin contains is strong and known for its nutritious benefits. The unflavored gelatin/collagen gelatin is a popular additive in the food industry. 
We carry two forms of edible gelatin: gelatine made from pork and bovine gelatin. We can provide a wide variety of jelly strenghts and mesh sizes. From gelatin granules to gelatin powder. Contact us

The applications of gelatin: our expertise

Powdered gelatin uses are countless. Our gelatin bovine and gelatin derived from pork ingredients is used in many different candies as well as in other products such as many different dairy products.
We know how production processes in many industries work and we can, for instance, give advice about the right applications for gelatine powder. Just give us a call and we can make recommendations for your product recipe and complete supply chain. We can also recommend about the best suitable jelly strenghts for bloom gelatin. We are not just your distributor of bulk gelatin powder or the deliverer of another simple powder gelatin. We want to add value to your business process. 

"With our support you can further improve the quality of your gelatin in food products and bring new ideas into your food manufacturing process"

Gelatine halal

Yes, we deliver halal bovine gelatine on your special request. This gelatine is delivered together with a certificate that guarantees the slaughter is performed by the rules of the Islamic law Shariʻah. Buy halal gelatine

Where to buy unflavoured gelatin

Order your all your powdered gelatine products at Amstel Products. Amstel Products delivers a wide variety of gelatin jelly strengths in various bloom grams and mesh sizes. Both gelatine bovine and gelatine of pig origin. In our animal gelatin product range, we also provide kosher gelatin and unflavoured gelatin powder. We provide powder gelatin/bloom gelatin for your production process and your gelatin food ingredients. We assure fast and clean delivery. Contact us for more information or to buy gelatin
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