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Cocoa butter

What is cocao butter?

Cocoa butter, also called theobroma oil, is a pale-yellow, edible vegetable fat extracted from the cocoa bean. Our product is also known under the name cacao butter, because of the cocoa butter nutrition.

Cocoa butter is the fatty part of the cocoa bean. It is used, in combination with cocoa powder, to make chocolate bars, among other things.

Product specifications of cocoa butter

Product Category Pure Prime Pressed Cocoa Butter
Product Code JB100-PPP
Physical and Chemical Characteristics:
Moisture (%) 0.3max
Free Fatty Acid, as Oleic Acid (%) 1.75max
Iodine Value (Wijs) 32-38
Peroxide Value 4max
Saponification Value 188-198
Unsaponification Matter (%) 0.9max
Melting Point 32-36
Refractive Index (ND40 1.456-1.459
Microbiological Characteristics:
Total Plate Count / g 1,000 max.
Yeast / g 50 max.
Mold / g 50 max.
Enterobacteriaceae / g Negative
Coliforms / g Negative
E. coli / g Negative
Salmonellae/ 100g Negative

Salmonellae/ 100g    Negative

These specifications apply at the time the goods leave the factory. They are analyzed according to the methods of analysis as described in in-house testing methods. Contact us for more cocoa nutrition data.


Cocoa butter could be shipped in liquid form.
Cocoa butter is packed in 25 kg Kraft paper carton with HDPE square bottom bag.
Our products conform to all food regulations in the country of destination and they have not been sterilized by fumigation or irradiation.

Shelf life

24 months in original packaging Keep cocoa butter in cool, dry storage and free from foreign odor

We deliver this product in a 25kg pasted valve paper bag, 3-ply SCL HP where the second ply is with PE coated and a layer of thermo valve coating. Or in a 1000kg big bag, which has internal PE liner. 

Our products conform to all food regulations in the country of destination and they have not been sterilized by fumigation or irradiation. The cocoa butter is pure and naturall, no additives are used.

The applications of cocao butter: our expertise

We know how production processes in many industries work and we can, for instance, give advice about the right applications for cacao. Many of our customers use this ingredient in their food solutions, such as cacao chocolate.  Just give us a call and we can make recommendations for your product recipe and complete supply chain.

"We are not just your distributor or the deliverer of another simple food additive. We want to add value to your business process"

With our support you can further improve the quality of your food products and bring new ideas into your food manufacturing process. 

Our cocoa butter suppliers

We can assure that every cocoa butter manufacturer we work with, utilizes the highest standards in their manufacturing process. On your request we can deliver certified organic cacao butter. 

Order your cocoa powder at Amstel Products

When you buy your cocoa powder unsweetened at Amstel Products you are assured of a fast and clean delivery, according to HACCP standards. Contact us for more information

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