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Bone glue

What is bone glue?

Bone glue is a natural protein product produced for technical application. The bones used for the production of this protein are derived from animals found fit for human consumption. This animal glue product is made from 100% porcine and cattle bones.

This glue made from bones is produced by extraction of broken bones (< 50 mm) at a temperature of at least 133°C for at least 20 minutes. After drying the product is packed in new bags and stored on a dry place before shipment.


Moisture Max 15 %
Jelly strength at 12.5%, 10° C. 80 - 240 Bloomgrams )*
Viscosity 12.5%, 60° C. 35 " 120 mps )*
pH 5.0 " 7.0
Ash content (600° C)  
Fat content  
Fineness possibilities )* Pearls
  20-40 mesh
  80 mesh
  120 mesh


Big bags 1000 kgs or 25 kg paper bags laminated on pallets shrink-wrapped

The applications of bone glue: our expertise

We provide a wide range of technical applications, for specific questions please inform to get our technical background information.
)* We produce the product tailor made. Jelly strength in steps of 20 Bloomgrams, Viscosity in steps of 10 mps, Fineness in 4 grist sizes. Other parameters on request.

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