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Mining industry

Our products can provide the mining industry with valuable resources for the refinement of their products. The products are specifically developed for these purposes, and can be delivered anywhere on the world, according to your needs. If required, we can provide tailor-made products. 

Copper industry supplier

We are the business partner of many copper mining companies and have extensive knowledge of their production process and can add value in offering advice on choosing the right refinement ingredients for copper production. 

Copper mining

Important for the production of copper is the electrochemical refining process. We have a thorough knowledge of this process of electrolytic refinement of copper. Copper anodes are refined into cathode copper reaching an average purity of 99.998 %. Achieving such level of purity requires electrolysis experience and top quality chemicals accompanying the refining process in the copper industry.

Several by-products are produced alongside the main process, such as gold, silver, platinum-palladium concentrate, copper sulphate and nickel sulphate.

Technical Gelatine and Ammonium Lignosulfonate for Copper electro refining is specially developed by Amstel products to help the copper company get smoother cathode copper. This results in less waists going back to the smelter, thus reducing rework and energy cost in copper processing.

Special processing is applied to get top quality products. We supply a large part of the copper refiners in the world. Mining copper gets easier with our support. 

Check our product database for more information. Please contact us if you wish to receive any additional information about our mining products. We are happy to help you.
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